The Tram System: Getting around Prague

Trams (tramvaj) run throughout Prague and operate frequently between 4:30 a.m. and midnight. Late night trams run with reduced schedules, departing every 40 minutes from 12:30 to 4:30 a.m. Pick up a detailed map at the tourist office.

Prague tram scenic

Prague's tram system works perfectly as a budget stand-in for a tour bus service! Photo: ¡Carlitos.


Ticket costs begin at CZK24, which will get you a short-term, 30 minute ticket (often all you need), while a 90-minute ticket costs CZK32. Prague public transport also offers one and three-day tickets, for CZK110 and CZK310, respectively.

Half-off discounts are granted for children (up to 15 years of age) and seniors (over 60) on the 30-minute, 90-minute and one-day passes.

Ticket sales

The ticket for the tram is the same as the Prague metro, and can likewise can be purchased in metro stations, tobacconists, kiosks and hotels. Ticket machines are also located at certain tram stops, which are listed on the Prague public transport website.

Tram tips

Remember to stamp and validate your ticket before boarding, as plainclothes inspectors will fine you on the spot for riding without a valid ticket.

The tram is also the best way to see Prague's hills and spills. Tram #22's route takes in Vinohrady and Hradcany. Night trams #51 through #58 all pass by Lazarska in Nove Mesto. However, beware of pickpockets while checking out the amazing views!

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