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BritRail Passes

BritRail Passes Overview

You may have noticed that Great Britain is not included on Eurail Passes. No worries, though: There are rail passes for the isles. BritRail Passes, like their continental cousins, come in various configurations (consecutive travel days and non-, flexible day, single- and multi-country, adult and youth versions) and prices.

With the exception of the Freedom of Scotland, the BritRail passes we've listed offer airport transfers into London (which can also be purchased separately for $46-32 on the RailEurope site) on the Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted Express.

There are over a dozen BritRail Pass varieties available, so we've taken the liberty to write up the ones we feel will be most useful for you, dear Cheapos.

BritRail Consecutive

Three, four, eight, 15, or 22 days or one month of consecutive travel days in England, Scotland and Wales can be yours with this pass. The BritRail Consecutive pass is available for first or second class travel for either adults or youths.

Adult prices range from $299 to $1,199 in first class, $199 to $799 in second class; youth passes cost from $239 to $959 first class and from $159 to $639 in second class.

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BritRail Flexible Day Pass

Choose any three, four, eight or 15 travel days in a two month period in England, Scotland and Wales. This flexible day pass is available for first or second class travel for adults and youths.

Adult first class pass prices range from $375-1,025, and second class costs $249-689. Youth passes range from $299-819 in first class, or $199-549 in second class.

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BritRail England Consecutive Pass

You can see a lot of countryside in three, four, eight, 15, 22 days or one month of consecutive travel days in England only.

Adult passes range in cost from $239 to $959 in first class or from $159 to $639 in second class. Youth pass prices cost from $195 to $769 in first class, and $129 to $509 in second class.

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BritRail England Flexible Day Pass

Take your time seeing England! This flexible day pass covers three, four, eight or 15 travel days in a two month period in England only.

Adult pass prices range from $299 to $819 in first class or from $199 to $549 in second class. Youth passes cost between $239 and $655 in first class, or between $159 and $439 in second class.

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BritRail Pass plus Ireland

See England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland with this pass, which offers five or 10 travel days in a one month period. Passes include the Gatwick and Heathrow Express as well as Thames Link trains.

Prices range from $725 to $1299 in first class or $489 to $875 in second class. No youth version of the pass is available.

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BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass

This pass covers four travel days in an eight-day period, or eight travel days in a 15-day period in Scotland. Travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively.

Adult passes cost $225 or $299 in second class - no youth or first class options are offered. Airport transfers are not included.

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London Travel Card

See the sights in one or seven days of unlimited travel through central London (zones 1-2 for subway, and 1-6 for the bus) or all six zones of the city on bus and subway (available only with the seven-day all-zone card).

The card costs from $18 to $61 for the central London cards or $111 for the seven day all-zone card.

Airport transfers

A great alternative to expensive taxis or spending time stuck in traffic, the Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted Express are trains that whisk you quickly and efficiently from the airports to major train stations in downtown London. The trains run seven days a week at 15-minute intervals during the day. The various airport expresses are included in most BritRail passes but can also be purchased separately.

The Gatwick Express goes from the airport to Victoria Station in about 30 minutes and can cost around $17 to $33 in second class. The Heathrow Express breezes from airport to Paddington Station in 15-20 minutes and costs $32 in second class. The Stansted Express will scoot you from London's newest airport to Liverpool Street Station or Tottenham Street Station (with direct access to the London Underground) in about 45 minutes for about $39 in second class.

Other options

To read more about these passes and compare it with other rail options, visit our booking partner at Rail Europe.

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