Eurail Global Passes (Consecutive Day)
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Consecutive Day Eurail Passes

These passes are for consecutive travel during a period of 15 days, 21 days, one month, and two months. These are the most expensive railpasses available, because they offer so much travel. For cheaper passes, consider flexible travel passes.

Eurail Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass is valid for first class travel throughout the Eurail network of 23 countries. A 15-day pass costs $768, a 21-day pass costs $990, a one-month pass costs $1,219, a two-month Eurailpass $1,720 and a three-month Eurailpass costs $2,121.

Youth Eurail Global Pass

Youth Eurail Global Passes cost $500 (15-day), $645 (21-day), $794 (one month), $1,119 (two month) or $1,380 (three month). Youth Eurail Global Passes are for second-class travel and also apply to the 23 countries covered by the standard Eurail pass.

Eurail Global Saver Pass: 2-5 people

Eurail Saver Passes offer unlimited first-class rail travel for two to five people traveling together at all times. The same 23 country base applies here. Eurail Global Saver passes cost $653 for 15 days, $842 for 21 days, $1,037 for one month, $1,463 for two months, and $1,804 for three months. (Prices are per person).

See Also: flexible travel passes.

Purchasing Information for Eurail Passes
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