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Contacting EuroCheapo

Want to make a reservation?

If a hotel listed on our website offers online booking, you will see a "Get Rates" search box above our review. Simply search for your dates, and then book directly with one of our reservation partners.

If the hotel does not offer online booking, you must contact the hotel directly, using the information we've provided under the "more information" link at the end of our review.

Want to contact a hotel?

If we have an email address or website URL in our files, we will include it in our listing. If you don't see an email address or online booking link, you must contact the hotel by telephone or fax.

Hotel owners

EuroCheapo selects hotels to be included in our guide. However, you may send us an email requesting a visit next time we're in your city.

If your hotel is already listed on EuroCheapo and the information is out of date, please send us an update immediately. We make weekly updates to EuroCheapo.

Hotel reviewers

Want to tell us about a hotel visit you had recently? Great! Tell us all about your stay. (Feel free to send reviews of hotels we haven't listed. If we like what we read, we'll probably check out the hotel on our next trip.)

Media Inquiries

Are you a journalist looking for a source for a budget travel story? Talk to our editor, Tom Meyers.

General comments

Have something good to say? (Or even not so good.) Talk to us.

Need help?

Please visit our Customer Support center! We've got answers for you...fast!

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