Amsterdam Street Markets: Food, book, and antique markets

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The Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam. Photo by Tierecke.
The Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam. Photo by Tierecke.

Amy K. Goemans—

What’s the easiest way to soak up the culture while shopping and sightseeing? Dropping by charming street markets, of course! Amsterdam is famous for its street shopping, where both locals and tourists browse for great deals.

Here is a brief list of our favorite street markets in Amsterdam.

Food and more: Albert Cuyp Market

Albert Cuyp Market, one of the largest daily markets in Netherlands, is the kind of place where locals do their bargain hunting, which makes it a perfect place to mix-and-mingle. Located in the southern De Pijp neighborhood, the market offers assorted goods at affordable prices.

Although the market sells all types of goods (including clothing, cosmetics, and books), it tends to focus on food. That makes it a great spot to drop by for fruits, vegetables and spices, or even ready-to-eat snacks (good to pick up before dashing off to your next stop). The market is ideal for trying out various foods from a wide variety of cultures.

Tip: Keep an eye out for both funny-shaped chocolates and colorful wigs!

Address: Albert Cuypstraat/Ferdinand Bolstraat, 1073 BL, Amsterdam
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (9:30 am – 5 pm)

Book market: Oudemanhuispoort

Oudemanhuispoort book market. Photo by Terretta.

Oudemanhuispoort book market. Photo by Terretta.

In the end, your luggage will creak in protest, but how can you resist bargain hunting for books?

The Oudemainhuispoort book market is well-known among book worms. The market offers a decent collection of books, most of which are second-hand. I love book markets like this, as they’re excellent sources for older titles and prices tend to be very reasonable.

There is, however, an interesting Benelux-region twist on book markets, given the region’s thriving comic book culture. At book markets like the Oudemainhuispoort, you’ll come across delightful comic collectibles. In addition to the well-known American comic books, European series like the Smurfs, Asterix and Tintin abound. So, if you’re shopping for comic books in Amsterdam (and they do make great souvenirs!), you’ll find the lowest prices here.

Address: Oude Manhuispoort, 1012 CN, Amsterdam
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Antiques: De Looier

Looier Antique Market. Photo by Bemanischa.

Looier Antique Market. Photo by Bemanischa.

Rather than pick up souvenirs at tacky souvenir shops, I prefer busy antique markets like the Looier. I find these markets perfect for picking out gifts or little trinkets for older family members. Most pieces boast fine craftsmanship and exquisite designs, two attributes that make up the ideal gift.

At the Looier, you can find a wide range of antiques, including delicate items like glassware and crystals, delightful ornaments, toys, collectibles and vintage goods, and even fine paintings and photographs. Prices, unsurprisingly, can vary from the remarkably low to the painfully high. However, with a little hunting, you can find some real bargains, especially during the weekend and on Wednesdays, when the market offers lower-priced items.

Address: Elandsgracht 109, 1016 TT, Amsterdam
Phone Number: 020-624 9038
Opening Hours: Every day, except Friday (11:00 am – 5:00 pm)

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