Berlin: The city’s best beer gardens


Prater Berlin beer garden
Pass the afternoon at Prater, in Berlin. Photo: ChadBriggs

By C H Kwak in Berlin—

‘Tis the time–to take a seat outside and enjoy a beer (or two) with friends. Going to a beer garden (biergarten in German) is a quintessential Berlin summer activity and should be on the list for any visitor during the warmer months.

Among the many beer garden options the city offers, these four stand out:

Kastanienallee 7-9, Prenzlauer Berg

The one and only Prater is a mandatory summer stop for locals and tourists alike. Said to be the city’s oldest beer garden (dating back to 1837), this Prenzlauer Berg institution can accommodate up to 600 guests in its garden and indoor restaurant. Forget Oktoberfest–this is the real deal.

Golgatha beer garden

Entering Golgatha. Photo: Eekim

Viktoria Park, Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg’s answer to Prater, this beer garden inside a public park really gets going later in the evening. Beach chairs complement picnic tables. If you’re feeling anti-social, they offer Wi-Fi. But if you feel like mingling, there’s also dancing.

Müller-Breslau-Str. 1

Located near the Tiergarten, right on the river, this small bar/kiosk fires up the grill in summer for brats and other goodies. Cold beer, good views, nice people–it doesn’t get much better than this.

Loretta am Wannsee
Kronprinzessinnenweg 260, Wannsee

For a day trip, Wannsee, one of the largest and most popular lakes around Berlin, offers a sandy beach, shallow water and Loretta–a beer garden with a good wine selection. Watch the sailboats (or nudists, depending on where you’re looking) pass by as you kick back with a drink.

Other beer gardens

Have another beer garden in Berlin to recommend? Tell us about it in our comments section. Prost!

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About the author

C.H. Kwak is a translator in Berlin.

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2 thoughts on “Berlin: The city’s best beer gardens”

  1. Prater sounds crazy! 600 guests just in the garden! I’m definately going to be checking this bar out I’ll let you know if it beats okctober fest though ;-)

  2. It would be very helpful if you could tell us whether these biergartens have children’s play areas/toys. For example, the Prater does. Nothing worse than dragging the kids along to enjoy the sun and find out that it’s not a family friendly place.


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