L’As du Fallafel dishes up the best €6 meal in Paris


L'as du fallafel
This can be yours for only €5.50. Photo: travelpod.ie

Looking for a tasty bite to eat in Paris without breaking the bank? Unfortunately, that’s a pretty tall order in this city, where it’s hard to find a meal for under €10 that isn’t McDonald’s. It almost feels wrong to eat at a fast food joint in Paris, one of the culinary capitals of the world. So what’s a Cheapo to do?

Introducing: L’as du Fallafel, a Paris staple and budget friendly dream. Nestled into the cobblestone streets of the trendy Marais neighborhood, L’as du Fallafel is a sure bet for your next meal in Paris, where you can get an amazing falafel sandwich for only €6.

L’as du Fallafel (French for “the Falafel Ace”) is situated on Rue des Rosiers, a charming and windy little street in the heart of Paris’s historic Jewish neighborhood. As you approach the restaurant, you will most likely find a line of hungry and excited fellow Cheapos waiting to get a falafel to go. Don’t worry, there’s always a line; and, don’t worry, it’ll move quickly. You will be approached by one of the staff members of the restaurant with whom you can place your order and pay before you reach the window. This is a great way of handling the crowd, so hats off to the restaurant for efficiency.

Don't be scared by the line. It moves quickly. Photo by Andrea Shaffer

Don’t be scared by the line. It moves quickly. Photo by Andrea Shaffer

It goes without saying that you should order the falafel sandwich to go. You can get it spicy or not spicy, your choice. Hand over your €5.50, wait patiently, show your receipt to the front window, and voila, you’ll have yourself one tasty and budget friendly Parisian meal.

What you’ll receive at L’as du Fallafel is a relatively large pita filled to the brim with crispy fried falafels, garlicky hummus, harissa, crunchy pickled red cabbage, cucumbers, and perfectly fried eggplant. We recommend getting a fork and plenty of napkins as you leave to prevent a mess. If you can bear to wait a few minutes before digging in, walk to Place des Vosges, a beautiful nearby park, where you can lounge on the grass after finishing this delectable Cheapo phenomenon.

L’As du Fallafel, 34, rue des Rosiers (Métro: St. Paul); (33-1) 48-87-63-60. Closed Saturday.

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3 thoughts on “L’As du Fallafel dishes up the best €6 meal in Paris”

  1. Best Falafel I have ever had! Still having dreams of it. Glad I stumbled upon this place – some passers by told us about it and directed us to the place.


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