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Photo Essay: The EuroCheapo and BootsnAll TBEX Party

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More vuvuzela, Brooklyn Nomad!

This past weekend, June 18-20, 2010, the Travel Blog Exchange (“TBEX”) held its second annual conference in New York City.

Hosted at the Cantor Film Center in Greenwich Village, the two-day event featured panels, presentations, and readings featuring travel bloggers hailing from the US and abroad, some coming to town from as far away as New Zealand. The schedule was jam packed from mid-morning through late afternoon, allowing the more than 300 guests to learn from one another, compare notes, and discuss the intricacies of the travel blog industry with their peers.

In other words, it was the perfect weekend to throw a big party!

To celebrate the occasion, we collaborated with our friends from BootsnAll.com and invited all conference attendees to join us in the East Village on Saturday night for an evening of “anything goes.” What follows is a photo recap of an enjoyable, loud night in New York City.

(Note: We’re missing the names and Web sites of many partygoers pictured in the photos. Please help us out by emailing us the names, Twitter handles, and Web sites of those not named. You can also post the information in the comments section below. When sending a name, please include the corresponding photo number. Many thanks!)


1. First start with an interesting conference full of fun attendees: Here’s the crowd lining up to get in to TBEX 2010 on Saturday morning.

Welcome to TBEX, travel bloggers!


2. Then wait about eight hours and usher everyone to a lounge in the East Village. We had chosen The Professor’s Loft.

The Loft at Professor Thom's


3. Next, add personable hosts for the evening: Tom Meyers and Sean Keener.

Sean Keener from BootsnAll and Tom Meyers from EuroCheapo

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Pete Meyers

About the author: An Ohio native, Pete Meyers was bred on family road trips and the Beach Boys. When not working at EuroCheapo HQ in NYC, Pete likes to be found eating bouillabaisse anywhere in the south of France.

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19 Responses to “Photo Essay: The EuroCheapo and BootsnAll TBEX Party”

Sherry Ott says:

Thanks for a great party! Very fun…from what I err…remember…

Pic #5 is Tara Russell from Three Month Visa – http://www.threemonthvisa.com/

Johnny Jet says:

Thanks for the link/photo! In the photo below I’m speaking to @KimGreiner

Abbie says:

Picture #8 – all the way on the right is Lola Akinmade
Picture #10 – the Matador Network Crew!

Shannon OD says:

Great pics and thank you so much for co-hosting the party! Number 10: Lower left: @joanna_haugen lower right: @candicewalsh :-)

Pic #16 far left is Craig Zabransky from @stayadventurous (and owner of the vuvuzela I hijacked)

Pete Meyers Pete Meyers says:

Thanks everyone – we’d updated the post with your helpful comments.

- Pete

I think these photos tell the story…great time. Thanks for sponsoring my vices.

stay adventurous,

Good times! Thanks for hosting!

Mike says:

Thank you guys for an amazing night, and an awesome conference!

I’m still trying to remember most of it … so these pictures are a great help.

Fun recap Pete and thanks for throwing a great party!

Pete Meyers Pete Meyers says:

@Craig, Alison, Mike and Laurie — thanks to all of you for joining us and making it a great night!

- Pete

Mary Huff says:

EuroCheapo: Pete Meyers, Meredith Meyers, Guillaume Normand and Tom Meyers – Thank you for hosting us all at a fun party in a really great location!
-may the news and deadline gods be always with you…

Looks live you’ve had a lot of fun!
Maybe when I’m a little more experienced in travel blogging we’ll meet at this event! :)

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