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The Troitskiy Most, the bridge spanning the Neva river.
The Troitskiy Most, the bridge spanning the Neva river.

I’ve been back from St. Petersburg for nearly six weeks, but I’m still combing through my photographs, trying to make sense of it all.

It was a wintry thrill to visit this northern city in the colder darker months.  It also, however, provided some stunning views of the city during the long, winter night.

Today I thought I’d post some of my favorite photos of St. Petersburg at night. Glowing lights, snow, beautiful bridges. Talk about drama!

The pictures

Slippery sidewalks of St. Petersburg

As you can see, walking along the canals–or anywhere, really–in St. Petersburg in January can be hazardous. The sidewalks might simply look wet, but they’re often covered in ice. Check out the frozen Moika  Canal.

Moika Canal

But when you do venture a look up from the sidewalk, behold the city! I took this photo along the Moika Canal heading toward the Hermitage. The beautiful canal is one of three that winds its way through the heart of St. Petersburg.

Moika Canal 2

Along the Moika’s banks are 18th and 19th-century government buildings, offices, museums, restaurants, apartments, and palaces. As you can see, during my visit there weren’t very many tourists walking along the canals. It was very, very cold outside.

Moika bridge

St. Petersburg’s canals are crossed by 313 bridges, many of which are works of art. Many incorporate statues, most involve intricate metalwork, and almost all are photogenic. This bridge is crossing the Moika.

St Isaacs Cathedral

Continuing westward along the Moika, we cross another bridge and spot St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The day after I took this shot, I climbed to the top of St. Isaac’s and circled the giant rotunda in whipping winds.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Returning home along the Neva River, we pass the Peter and Paul Fortress, with its illuminated cathedral glowing through the falling snow. Under that shining spire rest nearly all the czars of Russia, including Peter the Great, himself.

Good night, St. Petersburg!

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One thought on “St. Petersburg: Photos album of the city at night”

  1. Deb- Australia

    I am planning to go to St P with two teenagers for three days in early January . Can you offer any advice for a moderate range good, safe hotel and good tour guide/company and tips on getting about ?
    We hope to go to a concert at the Mariinsky theatre one night. I am a bit concerned about walking around in the evening ,but want to see it lit up at night as in your photos which are fabulous.


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