The Major Buslines in Europe

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 The Major Bus Lines in Europe

If you want to take a bus around Europe, you have a few choices:

You can book directly with a national bus company that operates between the countries of your choice. You could also book a trip through Eurolines, the largest bus network in Europe. Lastly, you could book a bus trip that follows the Busabout circuit, traveling cheaply on a pre-determined path.

Eurolines: The Big Bus Company

Eurolines is the biggest bus line in Europe, serving most European countries. We are particularly impressed by Eurolines, which offers some pretty unbeatable bus passes.

Eurolines is actually a consortium of over 30 independent coach companies. For the most part, Eurolines can be counted on to drop you off in city centers. Eurolines maintains high quality standards and typically will get you from city to city for an extremely affordable price.

Eurolines connects over 500 destinations in 34 countries in Europe, including Turkey and Morocco. The Eurolines Pass, however, offers travel between 36 European cities, in 17 countries.

What is the Eurolines Pass?

The Eurolines pass offers travel to 36 cities across Europe. These passes provide 15, 30 and 40-days of travel. Travelers must reserve their journeys in advance.

Like most passes, however, there are some restrictions. Furthermore, it mandates that all segments must cross national borders except for the following four routes: Vienna and Salzburg, Milan and Siena, Rome and Siena and Barcelona and Madrid.

Where Does the Eurolines Pass Go?

The Eurolines Pass provides point-to-point travel between the following cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Krakow, Lille, London, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Montpellier, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Perpignan, Prague, Riga, Rome, Salzburg, Siena, Strassbourg, Toulouse, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw.

Eurolines' Pass Prices

Euroline's 15 day pass costs 195 EUR for those 25 and under and 230 EUR for those over 25 during most of the year. Even in high season, the 15 day Eurolines pass is a great deal. Between June 24 and September 18 and again between December 16 and 31, these prices increase to 275 EUR for those 25 and younger and 325 EUR for those over 25.

Eurolines' 30 day pass is an even better deal, at only 260 EUR for those 25 and under and 320 EUR for those over 25 during low season. High season prices are 355 EUR and 435 EUR respectively.

Eurolines' 40 day pass is offered for 299 EUR for those 25 and under and 350 EUR for those over 25 during low season. The high season 40 day pass is offered for 420 EUR for young'uns and 490 EUR for those over 25.

Is It a Good Deal?

All in all, these are incredible deals. They are easily better values than those offered by Eurailpass. Eurolines bus journeys stretch by stretch are also a great deal, usually vastly less expensive than train travel.

Check out Eurolines website for more information.

Busabout: The Other Line

The Busabout pass is not as great a value for money as the Eurolines pass. For some travelers, however, the Busabout Pass has the potential to simplify travel.

What is the Busabout Pass?

The Busabout Pass follows a predetermined circuit around Europe. Passholders travel from city to city on the pass but must follow the Busabout path. This circuit goes in a set direction. In practice, this means that if you use the pass to get from, say, Amsterdam to Berlin, you cannot simply return from Berlin to Amsterdam but must continue on the circuit (on to Dresden, Prague, and further).

The Busabout Pass is flexible, allowing passholders to change itineraries easily, either online or through an on-bus Busabout guide.

Where Does it Go?

The Busabout Pass travels to 36 cities in 12 countries (UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal). The pass can be extended to southern Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Morocco.

The Busabout Pass also coordinates accommodation and drops passengers off at budget-friendly hostels and hotels.

The Bottom Line: Busabout

The key with the Busabout Pass is to spend time with the seasonal schedule and route map, both available in pdf form on the Busabout site, to make sure that the pass is a good fit for you.

See Busabout's website for more detailed information.

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