Milan neighborhoods

What neighborhood of Milan would you like to sleep in? The center city, surrounding the Duomo, is usually the most expensive and convenient for tourists, although better deals are often available in nearby neighborhoods.

Citta' Studi

Citta’ Studi is home to a smattering of friendly budget hotels, most of them small, simple and family-run. You can expect tranquil gardens, friendly staff and affordable rates. Things are quieter out here, but the ‘hood is easily connected to the city center.

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Around Viale Corsica & Corso Marzo

Corso Marzo and Viale Corsica are bustling shopping strips located just east of Milan's city center and west of the quieter Citta’ Studi. There are a few hotels here that have low rates and character, to boot.

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The mammoth Fiera exhibition space dominates this otherwise residential neighborhood to the northwest of Milan’s city center. It won’t come as a surprise that the hotels in this neighborhood tend to be business class—and their rates can skyrocket, especially during convention season (March/April and September/October).

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Santa Maria and Corso Magenta

The lovely Corso Magenta can trace its history back to the days when Milan was capital of the Western Roman Empire, but exquisite palazzos that now call the area home mostly date back to the 19th century.

The historic ‘hood boasts some of Milan’s best treasures, including the Archaeological Museum and Santa Maria delle Grazie, the stunning Renaissance church that houses da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper. The neighborhood, which is situated just west of the city center, is well serviced by public transportation.

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Central station and Buenos Aires

Milan’s main train station is not located in the prettiest part of town, and you may spot a few (or several) unsavory characters around here. That said, the area between the station and Corso Buenos Aires is plenty safe, and it’s home to several perfectly adequate hotels—many with rock-bottom rates. You’re also, of course, well situated for getting around the city, and Corso Buenos Airesis home to some of the city’s best shopping.

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