Munich neighborhoods

You know what you want to pay for a night's accommodation, but where should you stay? Our Munich guide will help you sort it all out.

North of the Train Station

A mostly nondescript, modern neighborhood running several blocks north of the Hauptbahnhof, the main train station, this area features a number of hotels we quite like, but little in the way of traditional tourist draws. Dachauer Strasse features some interesting retail variety, a handful of bars and cafés, and the odd building of architectural interest. This 'hood is best utilized for sleeping, not hanging.

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Schwabing is in the northern part of Munich and is known as the artist's quarter. It's streets are divided east to west by the main strip of Leopoldstrasse. Schwabing is characterized by its university culture and has a younger, bohemian vibe with bars and cafes at every turn.

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South of the Train Station

The blocks south of the Hauptbahnhof, or main train station, feature a staggering number of hotels. Many of Munich's sex shops can also be found here, as well as a dizzying range of shops, restaurants, bars, and cafés. Far to the south, this area morphs into a genteel commercial district speckled with green boulevards and quiet side streets. The hotel-heavy part of the area is conveniently located next to Stadtmitte and very well served by public transportation nonetheless, allowing for easy escapes from the hectic tourist-oriented atmosphere.

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"Stadtmitte" means City Center. We designate "Stadtmitte" as the area east of Sonnenstrasse and west of the Thomas-Wimmmer-Ring/Karl-Scharnagel-Ring. A striking number of Munich's attractions are situated in Stadtmitte. The gorgeous Marienplatz, Altes Rathaus, and the Munich City Museum are all located in Stadtmitte, as are a range of stunning churches. Of these, the Frauenkirche, or Dom, is arguably the most remarkable. On the west side of Stadtmitte is Sendlinger Tor, a charming if modern little quarter full of delightful cafes and restaurants. Stadtmitte is Munich at its most distinctive, Bavarian, and downright charming.

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