Welcome to Zurich

Welcome to Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland

A major transportation hub, Zurich is often the city that tourists see in passing, en route to other Swiss destinations or beyond.

But “Zu-rich” is a lot more than just a stuffy, wealthy business city. You might even say it’s downright trendy—especially in places like the happening West neighborhood, a former industrial area now buzzing with sleek cafés, eateries and nightlife.

Set against a backdrop of craggy Alps and crystalline lake, Zurich has an all-around fresh feel to it, the feel that attracted and inspired modernist artists and writers like James Joyce and the Dada movement’s Tristan Tzara.

That artistic fever is still alive today, in Zurich’s major art museums and rapidly changing neighborhoods. But there’s also a strong anchor to the city’s past, seen in the cobblestoned streets and shuttered Gothic houses in Altstadt (Old Town) and the medieval guildhalls found throughout the city.

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Ready to plan your trip to Zurich? We’ve got all the tips you need to see Zuirch on the cheap:

  • Keep to a budget: Believe it or not, it is possible to see Zurich cheaply. Our budget tips tell you everything you need to know.

  • Get a room: Most Zurich hotels cater to the wealthy and business folk, but we scoured the streets and found some great cheap hotels in Zurich that’ll fit any budget.

  • Eat cheaply: You can cut down to the basics, but you still have to eat. Our cheap eats in Zurich guide tells you how to save on food without resorting to microwave dinners.

From our Zurich blog

Who are we? EuroCheapo is a guide to cheap hotels in Zurich and throughout Europe. Our editors have visited, inspected and reviewed budget-friendly hotels in the city, from the train station to the far side of Grossmünster. If it is even moderately affordable, we’ve visited it!

Zurich does not give a hearty Swiss welcome to budget travelers. The city’s “high season,” ironically, is during peak business times—so hotel prices can drop a bit over weekends and during holidays when business travelers go home. Regardless of your dates, the hotels we’ve recommended should offer affordable rates year-round.

Getting started: First do an availability search in the box above or read through our list of recommended hotels. If you need help choosing the right neighborhood to sleep in, read through our neighborhood descriptions. And for additional money-saving tips for visiting Zurich, be sure to read through the articles listed below.

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