Geneva neighborhoods

La Perle

La Perle is on the north side of Geneva. The lakeside neighborhood park of the same name is connected to Nations Park, home of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum. The United Nations is in the park as well as a botanical garden. The views of the Lake are spectacular and the area is within easy walking distance to Geneva's business center south of Rue de Valais.

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Les Eaux Vives

On the south side of town, Eaux-Vives, considered Geneva's city center, is home to Jet d'Eau, Geneva's iconic water fountain. Shooting a high plume into the air, weather permitting, the fountain is easy to see from the lakefront. The area offers easy access to the cobbled Rue de la Cite where visitors can find Rousseau's birthplace. Up a steep hill tourists can visit Cathedrale St Pierre. The centuries-old church houses John Calvin's old pulpit.

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Old Town

The southwest side of Geneva is home to the city's university and multiple theaters. Grand Theater de Geneve is a few blocks north of Parque des Bastions and east of Theatre le Grutli. Theatre de l'Usine is on the waterfront. The area is within walking distance of Cathedrale St. Pierre and the restaurants and fondue bars on the cobbled Rue de la Cite.

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Geneva's train station is on Rue de Lausanne in the north part of town. The station is part of the city's business district and is located one mile south of the United Nations, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum. A block north of Rue de la Servette, the station lets passengers off into an area filled with restaurants, chocolate shops and watch boutiques.

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The sprawling Université de Genève has certainly left its erudite mark on Plainpalais. Geneva's center of scholarly and artistic pursuits is named for the Plaine de Plainpalais, the diamond-shaped expanse at its center that stages everything from open-air markets to traveling circuses.

Just beyond the park, things are decidedly more highbrow. The university resides on the western end, and to the east, on the border between Plainpalais and Old Town are the Conservatoire de musique de Genève and the opulent opera house, Grand Théâtre de Genéve. And scattered throughout are plenty of cafés perfectly suited for long philosophical discussions.

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In case "rue du Mont Blanc" at the northern end of St. Gervais doesn't give it away, this glitzy neighborhood was once a watchmaking hub. Tucked just south of the train station and the slightly grittier Paquis district, St. Gervais is a bustling and sophisticated hub of high-end boutiques, restaurants and chocolate shops. Also here are the elaborate Gothic Basilica of Notre Dame and the avante-garde St.-Gervais Theater.

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