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Blue Hostel, Krakow

Address Westerplatte 12/7 (Stare Miasto & Wawel)

Krakow is full of hostels like Blue Hostel—quite barebones sorts of places where low rates and scant furnishings are the predominant characteristics.

7.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
City Hostel, Krakow

Address sw. Krzyza 21 (Stare Miasto & Wawel)

City Hostel is that unusual beast, a hostel put together at an aesthetic level that few hotels manage. The entire hostel is beautiful if austere, like a super glamorous monastery.

8.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Gardenhouse Hostel, Krakow

Address 5 Floriañska St., (Stare Miasto & Wawel)

Rooms are dorm-like, with light wood bunkbeds, naked walls, and utilitarian duvets. That said, while there's no question that these rooms are barebones, they're also quite new and clean.

8.8 Guest Rating


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Editor's Pick
Good Bye Lenin Hostel, Krakow

Address ul. Berka Joselewicza 23 (Stare Miasto & Wawel)

One of Krakow's best theme-driven hostels, Goodbye Lenin Hostel takes the aesthetics of pre-1989 Poland as its focus.

8.6 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hostel Atlantis, Krakow

Address Dietla 58 (Kazimierz & Stradom)

Hostel Atlantis, one of Krakow's many hostel-hotel hybrids, is an unassuming, basic place with 19 rooms on offer.

8.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Kadetus Hostel, Krakow

Address Zwierzyniecka 25 (West of Stare Miasto)

Kadetus Hotel is yet another of Krakow's many friendly, slightly down-at-heel hostels. The nine-room Kadetus is located close to the action in a modern, bustling area of Krakow, west of Stare Miasto.

8.0 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Orange Hostel, Krakow

Address ul. Dietla 64, (Kazimierz & Stradom)

Orange Hostel matches promotional materials with the hostel's namesake. The hostel offers extremely simple private rooms, with matching duvet covers and pillowcases.

8.5 Guest Rating


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Editor's Pick
Sky Hostel, Krakow

Address Dunajewskiego 6 (West of Stare Miasto)

The eight-room Sky Hostel is located through a massive courtyard on ul. Dunajewskiego, just northeast of Stare Miasto. Though not one of Krakow's best hostels, Sky benefits from its location and attractive architecture.

7.4 Guest Rating


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