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New York Guide Introduction - New York, United States

Intro to New York

New York, oy vey. No other city is this dynamic, this over-the-top, this driven, this crazy. There's a reason why creative people from all over the world come here. New York buzzes with the energies of migrants drawn from just about every point imaginable.

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New York essentials

Expect to Spend: New York

Yeah, New York is expensive. But how expensive? We'll tell you how much your hotel room will set you back, and let you know what you can reasonably expect to pay for a restaurant meal, a café snack, and a diner feast. » read more

Getting Around New York

We've got one word for you: MetroCards. We'll give you the MetroCard breakdown, and give you overviews of subways, buses, and taxis. And we'll explain why you'll probably spend a lot of your time walking. And we'll give you an address location tip, too. We rock. » read more

Getting Into New York

We know that you're confused. Four airports is a lot for one city, even a massive one like New York City. That's where we come in. We provide a breakdown of transportation between each of the metropolitan region's four airports. We'll also tell you why unmarked taxis are a big no-no. » read more

New York Budget Tips

Even New York City can be budget-friendly. We'll tell you where to find official tourist board offices and let you know what you'll have to pay for museum entrance. We also provide a lengthy list of free and cheap sights and experiences. » read more

New York Car Rentals

Renting a car in New York City likely will not be in the cards for you. After all, less than one-fourth of Manhattan households own a car. If you do decide to rent a car to get out of town, however, we'll tell you what you can expect to pay for a three-day economy car rental. » read more

New York Insider: Free Tours

Even a city as synonymous with money as New York offers up quite a few things to see for free.  Check out these free tours that even the locals appreciate. » read more

New York feature stories

Budget Neighborhood Guide: East Village

Like many New York neighborhoods, the East Village hasn't escaped the high prices and (sometimes) soulless march of gentrification.  Luckily, the neighborhood still retains some of its characteristic grittiness, with budget prices to match.

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Budget Neighborhood Guide: SoHo

Amidst the pricey cocktail lounges and designer boutiques of SoHo lie some hidden gems that harken back to the neighborhood's bohemian (and budget-friendly) past. This guide will help you find out where.

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Cheap Restaurants in New York City

There's nothing like eating cheap in our home town. Here, we profile some of our favorite restaurants, dives, and dessert places in Gotham City. Check out the Ukrainian, Italian, Venezuelan, Korean, Ethiopian, and Soul Food selections.

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New York Day Trips

New York City is electrifying. We know. We live here. And sometimes you just gotta get away, know what we mean? Here are three of our favorite New York City daytrips: the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Coney Island, and the Shawangunk Wine Trail.

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New York Guide Introduction

New York, oy vey. No other city is this dynamic, this over-the-top, this driven, this crazy. There's a reason why creative people from all over the world come here. New York buzzes with the energies of migrants drawn from just about every point imaginable.

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New York Hotel Overview

We'll break down the specifics of the New York City hotel scene here, telling you what $100 will get you, why hotel rates seem to inexplicably zoom up and down, and why $150 will yield a charming bed and breakfast as likely as it will yield a soulless cookie-cutter room.

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Reviewing New York

European Hostels Managing Editor T.J. DiChristopher administers the tried-and-true EuroCheapo Q & A here, chatting about his favorite New York City hotels, his favorite local cuisine, and how much he enjoys reviewing hotels on the Upper West Side.

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Why New York?

We know. We are a European hotel Web site. We also know that New York is not in Europe. Why feature it on the site you ask? We have good reasons. We promise.» read more

From our New York blog

Welcome to EuroCheapo's guide to cheap hotels in New York City!

Although our budget hotel sleuthing is primarily focused on European cities, our offices are located in the Big Apple. So we regularly send out our editors unannounced to inexpensive hotels all over the city, where they inspect the rooms, and pass their recommendations on to you.

New York’s hotel prices are unpredictable. Most big chain hotels in Midtown have wildly different rates from one night to the next, depending on availability. We’ve tried to avoid these properties in our hotel picks, focusing instead on smaller, less expensive hotels and B&Bs that have more straightforward (and lower) pricing. (These tend to be more interesting, too!)

Find the right affordable hotel

Search in the box above with your travel dates to see which recommended hotels are available.

Or click through to see a list of all of our “Editor’s Picks” in New York. Note that all of these hotels are central (within walking distance of most sights), clean and cheap (for New York).

Save on everything else

Stop by our city guide and our New York blog for articles and posts covering budget tips, cheap eats, and more.

Thanks for visiting EuroCheapo. Together we can afford to go anywhere!

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