Why New York?

Why New York? - New York, United States

"New York?" you may be asking yourself, your co-worker, or your traveling buddy. "Why would EuroCheapo, a guide to hotels in Europe, include a city in the United States?"

Well, for starters, our office is in New York City. When we're not canvassing European cities for affordable beds and travel tips, we live and work here. For years our fans and friends have asked us why we don't draw on our home-court advantage to offer hotel listings and advice. If we can tell you how to keep it cheap in Europe, the refrain went, why can't we help you keep it cheap in our own backyard?

Well, fans and friends, we've finally come around. Heck, New York City is the perfect candidate for a EuroCheapo special feature. New York's steep pricing index means that a budget accommodation and cheap tip guide is especially welcome. We've visited a ton of hotels throughout Manhattan and jotted down all sorts of tips on getting into, around and up and down this fabulous town.

With great excitement, we present EuroCheapo's first Special Edition: our New York City Guide. It contains all the budget-savvy travel advice and honest hotel reviews you've come to expect from EuroCheapo.

Private rooms with shared facilities can be found in clean, well-situated hotels in New York for as little as $80 per night. Because New York hotels are so pricey, we've been forced to set our maximum double room at $250 per night.

Note that, in a few cases, we've allowed our editors to make "splurgeworthy picks." Rates in these boutique or fashionable hotels exceed $250 a night, but these properties could be worth the extra money if you're looking to invest in something special.

Welcome, and enjoy. And here's our first tip: If your number one objective is to save money on accommodations in New York City, consider sharing bathroom facilities.

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