Cheap hotels near Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Arguably Rome’s most recognizable attraction, the Colosseum’s history is nearly as rich as the city's.

Constructed between 72-80 A.D., the Colosseum was originally known as Flavian’s Ampitheatre, seating 55,000 people during its heyday. Amazingly, much of the landmark’s original shape remains intact, though pieces of it have crumbled over the years as a result of earthquakes and battle.

For today’s travelers, a tour of the elliptical masterpiece offers a fascinating look into an ancient world colored by ruling Emperors, Olympic-style events, gladiatorial fights and Christian martyrs. The Colosseum's hours vary, depending upon seasons and the weather. Admission charges apply. Tickets can be combined with a visit to the Forum, which is within walking distance.

Hotels near the Colosseum: Many of the budget hotels below that we recommend are located in our Colosseo & Monti neighborhoods. These are well situated for travel to other areas of central Rome.

Hotel PERUGIA, Rome


1 star star

Address Via del Colosseo 7 (Monti)

For guests who like old ruins and ancient monuments, the one-star Perugia offers easy access.

6.7 Guest Rating


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Hotel Paba, Rome

2Hotel Paba

2 star star

Address Via Cavour 266 (Monti)

Friendly Alberta runs the Hotel Paba, a popular two-star hotel with an enviable locaction near the Colosseum.

9.1 Guest Rating


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Hotel Rosetta, Rome

3Hotel Rosetta

1 star star

Address Via Cavour 295 (Monti)

The family-run Hotel Rosetta is a homey, if slightly haphazard, one-star hotel located along the busy Via Cavour.


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Hotel Nerva, Rome

4Hotel Nerva

3 star star

Address Via Tor Dè Conti 3 (Monti)

For those interested in the ancient archaeological sites, the three-star Hotel Nerva, situated near the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill, has one of the city’s most convenient locations.

8.3 Guest Rating


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Grifo, Rome


3 star star

Address Via del Boschetto 144 (Monti)

Situated in the heart of Monti, the Hotel Grifo is friendly three-star property with a family feel.

8.0 Guest Rating

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