Vienna Hotel Overview

Vienna Hotel Overview - Vienna, Austria

What can you expect to pay for your hotel in Vienna? Read up on hotel seasons in Vienna, find out where hotels are most expensive, and figure out what you'll have to shell out for an en suite double.

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The Viennese Hotel scene is divided into two time periods: high season and the rest of the year. During the high season (April through October or November, with a break in August at some smaller properties) expect to pay 10 to 30 percent more for your room. Expect similarly higher rates at Innere Stadt hotels year round.

For many hotels and pensions, the dividing line is about €100. The lower you go, the fewer amenities you'll get and the smaller the rooms will be. It's rare to find a double room with a shared toilet and bathroom for less than €50 or €60. Expect to pay at least €70 for a room with a WC and shower included.

To get something lush or sleek, you'll have to shell out at least €130. These four-star hotels often have the biggest drop in prices during their low season, so it's worth checking when precisely their rates head south for the winter. Otherwise, you may price yourself out of town.

Even though lodgings are expensive (and occupancy rates exceed 90 percent during the peak months), Vienna's a lovely slice of Central Europe. The city is easily traversed on foot or on the efficient metro system, the Austrians appreciate the business they get from tourism, and if your energy lags, the coffee can't be beat.

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