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To the west of Baixa, the Bairro Alto twists up a mountain, Its moody, evocative streets are bordered by steep stairways and winding alleys. The Bairro Alto is desperately beautiful, with its organic mixture of the hip, rustic, and picturesque. Fairly recently reborn as a trendy 'hood, Bairro Alto is crowded at night thanks to hot clubs, bars, and restaurants.

Between Bairro Alto and Baixa is the sloping neighborhood of Chiado. Full of cafes, museums, pricey boutiques, and theatres, Chiado is the sophisticated older sibling of Bairro Alto. It's not quite as stunningly, edgily gorgeous as Bairro Alto, but it's still charming in its more ordered way.

Evidencia Light Sta. Catarina Hotel, Lisbon

Address Rua Dr. Luis De Almeida E Albuquerque, 6 - Bairro Alto (Bairro Alto & Chiado)

The Evidencia Light Sta. Catarina Hotel is a sort of hostel-hotel hybrid, offering rooms that are equal parts stripped and hip. It's an interesting do-it-yourself budget travel experiment.

7.1 Guest Rating

Hotel Anjo Azul, Lisbon

Address Rua Luz Soriano 75 (Bairro Alto & Chiado)

The Hotel Anjo Azul, Lisbon's first gay hotel, opened in 1998. From the blue-tiled exterior to the fantastic location, the Azul is right on the money.


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Hotel Borges Chiado, Lisbon

Address Rua Garret 108 (Bairro Alto & Chiado)

If you'll be taking advantage of Lisbon's nightlife, the Borges would make a very convenient home base.

7.0 Guest Rating


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Lisbon Poets Hostel, Lisbon

Address Rua Nova da Trindade, nr.2 - 5th Floor,Chiado (Bairro Alto & Chiado)

The Poets Hostel has a cool, young vibe to it. It's "chill," not "party."

9.2 Guest Rating

(per person)

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Pensao Globo, Lisbon

Address Rua do Teixeira 37 (Bairro Alto & Chiado)

The 15-room Pensão Globo offers modest rooms on a quiet side street in northern Bairro Alto. With rates that stay pretty low and a scene-y location, it's a sensible choice for younger travelers who don't want to check in to a hostel.


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Pensao Londres, Lisbon

Address Rua D. Pedro V, Nº53, 2º (Bairro Alto & Chiado)

The Pensão Londres offers "old world" European charm at budget-friendly prices, along with some spectacular views of the city's rooftops.

8.3 Guest Rating

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Pensao Residencial Santa Catarina, Lisbon

Address Rua Dr. Luis de Almeida e Albuquerque 6 (Bairro Alto & Chiado)

The Pensão Residencial Santa Catarina has barebones, basic accommodation in the southwestern part of Bairro Alto.


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Pensao Royal, Lisbon

Address Rua do Crucifixo nº50 3floor, (Bairro Alto & Chiado)

The six-room Pensao Royal is situated on the third floor of a corner apartment two blocks from the Chiado metro stop.

9.2 Guest Rating


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