Stockholm City Guide Introduction

Stockholm City Guide Introduction - Stockholm, Sweden

Both refined and restrained, the inhabited bits of Stockholm are laid out like exotic mosaics between the city's many waterways. You can't escape the water's omnipresence, and Stockholmers will readily tell you which bodies consist of saltwater and which of "sweet," or fresh water.

Stockholm's distinctively antiquated old town (Gamla Stan) deservedly hogs much touristic attention, although museums and cultural centers are also top-notch. As in many cities in Europe, the most inviting scenes are away from the ultra-touristy hubs. Central Stockholm districts are filled with inviting little shops selling beautifully designed little household objects that you can't understand how you ever lived without.

Additionally, the city's transportation network, pedestrian thoroughfares, and use of public space all appear to work seamlessly well. After visiting, you could be forgiven for thinking that Stockholm is that rare creation, a truly perfect city.

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