Stockholm Hotel Overview

Stockholm Hotel Overview - Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm hotels are certainly pricey, and in this way they don't depart from the general Scandinavian cost of living pattern. It's downright difficult to find a private room for much less than around SEK 600 or SEK 700, and for this amount you can expect to get a small room in a hostel or guesthouse with a shared shower and toilet.

That said, hotels here are cheaper than hotels in Oslo and Copenhagen, to name two other Scandinavian capitals. In departure from the hotels on offer in Copenhagen, Stockholm's offering won't leave you feeling abused by ratty wallpaper or dingy carpets. As a rule, Stockholm hotels are super clean, more often than not replete with an airy, modern Nordic atmosphere.

Even hotels with shared bathrooms aren't as cheap as we like them to be. They're often about SEK 800 or more. But then you won't have to let yourself in after hours with a key and can take advantage of more hotel amenities. In the end, if you want a comfortable, nicely sized double with en suite bathroom and hotel services, expect to pay at least SEK 1100, depending on the day of the week or time of year.

The most notable (and budget-friendly!) thing about the Stockholm hotel scene is that rates dip dramatically over weekends and during the summer. Rate differentials from hotel to hotel vary considerably, but there are some amazing deals to be found in Stockholm .

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