Expect to Spend: Dublin

Expect to Spend: Dublin - Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is not cheap. That said, Dublin is not a city where it is impossible to find good deals. Hotels and restaurants are far less expensive than they are in many other northern European cities.

Hotel Prices

Inexpensive and moderately priced hotels in Dublin range between €50 and €90 for a double. We set our upper limit in Dublin at €125 for a double room, but most of the hotels we reviewed are under €100 a night.

Very cheap hostels abound in this vibrant city, and Gardiner Street (both Upper and Lower) is lined with myriad inexpensive B&Bs and small hotels.

Restaurant Prices

You don’t have to spend a lot on food in Dublin. Good, decently-sized lunches at restaurants and cafés are priced around €10, or you can combine activity with cheap lunch by hitting up a food market. It's tough to find dinner for less than €10 in Dublin, but there are plenty of reasonable options for under €20. Try out some of our favorite cheap restaurants in Dublin.

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