Getting Around Dublin

Getting Around Dublin - Dublin, Ireland

Dublin offers transportation options galore. From trams to buses to a great bike share program, this city makes itself easy to navigate, whatever your preferred mode of transit may be.


Two tram lines operate in Dublin. The two lines do not intersect. The red line runs from the Docklands through central Dublin and down to Tallaght and Saggart. The green line runs from St. Stephen's Green in the center to Brides Glen. Single journeys range from €1.50 to €2.80 for adults and €.80 to €1 for children. Ticket price is determined by the length of the trip and time of travel.

Flexi tickets allow unlimited travel in all zones and on both the red and green lines. A one-day flexi ticket costs €6 for adults (€2.50 for kids) and a seven-day flexi ticket costs €22 (€7.50 for kids) For more information visit


Dublin runs five commuter train lines. DART (the green line, or Dublin Area Rapid Transit) runs through the city and connects at various points with four suburban lines, the South Eastern Suburban (red line), Northern Suburban (blue line), Western Suburban (yellow line) and Kildare Suburban (orange line). Fares run from €2 to €4.70 for adults (€1 to €1.95 for children). For more information visit the Irish Rail Web site.


Dublin's bus network operates almost 200 lines across the city and into surrounding areas. Single fares cost between €.60 and €1.40 for adults and between €.60 and €.75 for children. “Rambler” tickets allow unlimited travel and cost €6 for a one-day pass, €13.50 for three days and €22 for five days.

There is also a “Freedom” tourist ticket, which costs €26 (€10 for children) and includes three days of unlimited bus travel, plus access to the Hop-on/Hop-off tourist bus and the airport bus, Airlink. For more information visit the Dublin Bus Web site.

Transportation Passes

Combi tickets are valid for unlimited travel through all zones on Dublin Bus and both Luas lines. A one-day pass costs €7.50 and €6.50 for children. The seven-day pass costs €30 for adults and €8 for children.


Taxis begin with a starting charge of €4.10 (€4.45 at night and on holidays) and increase by €1.05 for every kilometer (€1.35 at night and on holidays).

By Foot and Bike

We always tout walking as the best way to get around a city, and this is especially so in Dublin. It’s a relatively compact city, and the sights make it very conducive to strolling.

If you’d rather cruise the city, though, that’s easy too. Dublin Bikes, the city’s bike share program, has 44 “db” stations throughout the city, many near popular attractions. You can purchase a three-day pass right at any stand. The pass costs just €2 and the first 30 minutes on the bike is free.

If you go beyond 30 minutes without returning the bike, you will be charged €.50 for an hour, €1.50 for two hours and so on. (To avoid fees, simply return your bike after the half hour and rent a new one—you’ll have another free 30 minutes.) For more information, see our detailed post on Dublin Bikes.

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