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Dublin Car Rentals - Dublin, Ireland

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For those used to driving on the right, there are all sorts of adjustment issues awaiting you in Ireland right off the bat. But even for those who drive on the left side of the road, Dublin is no cakewalk for drivers. Heavy traffic, aggressive driving, unhelpful signage and the presence of countless one-way streets in the city center are all cited as reasons why transportation in Dublin is better left to bus, taxi and foot.

Outside of Dublin, Ireland is a fine place to drive. While Ireland's public transportation network is quite good, cars may provide the best way of all to see the Emerald Isle in all its verdant glory. For those electing to rent a car in Ireland, know that seatbelts must be worn both by drivers and all front seat passengers.

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A good rate for a three-day economy car rental in Dublin is €40.

To get the best price on your rental car, reserve a car before leaving home. Ask for an all-inclusive rate with full insurance and unlimited kilometers. To get the best deal, shop around, reserve ahead of time and pay in advance.

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