Welcome to Frankfurt

Welcome to Frankfurt - Frankfurt, Germany

Straddling the River Main in southwest Germany, Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt to friends) is the country’s fifth-largest city. A 14th-century trade center, Frankfurt has earned nicknames like “Bankfurt” and “Mainhattan.” The latter moniker is as much thanks to its snazzy modern skyscrapers—which sprouted after much of the city was destroyed by Allied bombers—as to its reputation as a business and financial center.

But it’s not all suits, stocks and skyscrapers here. Frankfurt is also known for its thriving cultural scene, including numerous well-respected theaters, galleries and museums. And if you still don’t believe that Frankfurters know how to have fun, just spend an evening sharing a jug of local apple wine with them (but don’t be surprised if you wind up dancing till dawn at one of their favorite pulsing clubs).

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