Expect to Spend: Helsinki

Expect to Spend: Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland

There's no way around it: Helsinki isn't cheap. Luckily, there are plenty of tricks for making your euros go farther. We'll tell you where to save (hotels) and where to splurge (restaurants, as if you had any choice!).

Hotel Rates

For such a pricey city, Helsinki has a surprisingly decent selection of budget-friendly hotels and hostels. Most of the properties we've recommended in our guide fall in the €65-125 range. Helsinki hostels, from €22 per person, are the cheapest option but offer few amenities. The city is a destination for business travelers, so visiting when a conference is in town might mean higher rates. Summer, the peak tourist season, can mean higher rates as well.

Restaurant Prices

Eating out in Helsinki will cost you. In a city with a fair share of Michelin-starred restaurants, budget options are few and far between. Expect to spend €10-20 for a main dish—not including drinks.

Tipping is not customary in Finland. If service is particularly good, feel free to leave some change. However, the tip is included in the price. (That ought to soften the blow of paying €8 for a bowl of noodles.)

In Helsinki, "budget eats" are anything within the €4-8 range. Kebab, pizza, and Thai joints are most likely to have the cheapest fare. Additionally, food stands known as "grilli" offer up hot dogs and other fried delights for €3-10. You'll find the cheapest eats in the central Kamppi and Kluuvi neighborhoods.

From our Helsinki blog

Who are we? EuroCheapo is a guide to cheap hotels in Helsinki and throughout Europe. We’ve been finding, inspecting and reviewing hotels since 2001, always looking for the best deals in the center of Europe’s most popular destinations.

Finding budget hotels in Helsinki is no easy task, of course. As with the rest of Scandinavia, Helsinki is expensive to visit, from restaurants to transportation and accommodation. However, our editors did manage to find some smaller hotels, guesthouses and hostels that are surprisingly affordable for the city.

Getting started: To read our hotel reviews, do a search above or click through this list of recommended properties. For help on understanding the city’s neighborhoods, read this overview. And to learn about additional ways to save while visiting Helsinki, check out the articles listed below.

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