Getting Around Helsinki

Getting Around Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is many things, but expansive isn't one of them. With some good walking shoes and a working knowledge of the city's tram system, you'll be shuffling to and fro in no time. We've got you covered, and we'll even give you the lowdown on ferries to Suomenlinna fortress.

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Helsinki is well served by a network of tram lines. The cute little green cars also provide a great opportunity to do some sightseeing while you get from place to place. Lines 3B and 3T cover the inner city, though many other lines can take you further afield. A single-journey tram ticket (good for one hour) costs €1.80. For more info on Helsinki's tram system, including timetables and maps, visit HKL,Helsinki's transport authority.


Helsinki has an efficient, if small, metro system. If you plan to stay in the city center, the tram is your best bet. However, the metro consists of only one line and is extremely easy to use, and it can be a convenient option depending on your transportation needs. A single ticket costs €2.50. Visit the Helsinki metro's official site for more info.

By foot

Unless you're visiting on the darkest, coldest days on winter, exploring Helsinki by foot is a pleasant experience and a great way to see the city. The main tourist sites are all roughly within the same area, so bring a comfy pair of shoes and get walking!

Ferry to Suomenlinna

The Suomenlinna fortress was built in the 18th Century to shield Swedish-controlled Helsinki from Russia. Today, it's a UNESCO-protected site with old fortifications and plenty of cafes, restaurants, and museums. Located on an island, Suomenlinna is only accessible by ferry. Luckily, the journey is an easy one. The HKL departs from Market Square between 6 AM and 2:20 AM, and a round-trip ticket costs €3.80.

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