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Madrid City Guide Introduction - Madrid, Spain

Intro to Madrid

Ahh, Madrid. It's easy to feel as if this city never sleeps. Nightlife in the Spanish capital exploded with the demise of the Franco regime in the 1970s and remains hyperactive today. But Madrid isn't just a nightlife magnet.

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Madrid essentials

Expect to Spend: Madrid

What can you expect to pay for a night at a hotel in Madrid? How about a meal at a restaurant? Or museum entrance? And what about a night out on the town? We'll give you a good sense of what all these things costs here in our Madrid budget overview. » read more

Getting Around Madrid

Getting around Madrid is easy with our snappy Madrid transportation guide. We'll brief you on the metro system, the bus system and taxis. Along the way, you'll discover the complex pricing rules of Madrid taxis and learn why you should purchase a bonotransporte.» read more

Getting Into Madrid

With the 2006 inauguration of Terminal 4 at Barajas, arriving in Madrid has never been more enthralling. Of course, you'll have to leave the airport eventually. We'll lead you through that, but never fear. We'll get you back to Barajas, too. » read more

Madrid Budget Tips

Keeping to a budget in Madrid is all the easier with our guide to tourist information offices, museum entrance prices, and free events in the Spanish capital. We'll tell you why you probably don't want to buy a Madrid Card while we're at it. » read more

Madrid Car Rentals

Spain and rental cars go together on occasion. Which occasions? Well, dear Cheapos, that's for you to work out. We can tell you what you can expect to pay for a three-day car rental originating in Madrid, and we can throw in some helpful warnings. Go to it. » read more

Madrid feature stories

Five Cheap Hotels in Jerez

Five Restaurants and Experiences

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Five Things Not to Miss in Jerez

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Happening Jerez

The Andalusian jewel of Jerez is known for sherry and flamenco, though its charms aren't limited to sweet wine and stompin' dance moves. Check out EuroCheapo's Madrid-based correspondent Elizabeth Gorman's take on Jerez. » read more

Jerez Toolbox

We're here to make your travel-planning easier, Cheapos. Case in point: our quick and easy guide to getting in and around Jerez.» read more

Madrid City Guide Introduction

Ahh, Madrid. It's easy to feel as if this city never sleeps. Nightlife in the Spanish capital exploded with the demise of the Franco regime in the 1970s and remains hyperactive today. But Madrid isn't just a nightlife magnet.

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Madrid Day Trips

Magnificent Madrid is a gorgeous, exciting city, surrounded by many fetching attractions. Check out EuroCheapo's three day trip ideas: beautiful rural Aranjuez, the "Imperial City" of Toledo, and Manzanares El Real, mountainside town of castles. » read more

Madrid Hotel Overview

What will it cost for a bed in Spain's capital? Find out with our trusty overview.» read more

Reading Up on Madrid

Do a little advance reading and surprise locals with your advanced knowledge of their city. We've come up with five reading suggestions. Our shortlist includes Miquel de Cervantes, Terence Riley, John Hooper, Elizabeth Nash and Federico Garcia Lorca. Yep, we're fancy.» read more

Reviewing Madrid

Free grub? Does it still exist? EuroCheapo correspondent (and Madrid resident) Elizabeth Gorman shares secrets about free food and more in a self-administered interview on the great city of Madrid.» read more

From our Madrid blog

Welcome to EuroCheapo, a guide to cheap hotels in Madrid and throughout Europe.

Since 2002, our editors have been visiting, inspecting and photographing budget hotels in the best neighborhoods of Madrid. The places we've chosen as "Editor’s Picks" have certain qualities in common: They're all clean, central, cheap and, if we're lucky, have a touch of personality unique to the city.

Find the perfect budget hotel

Madrid is a feast for budget travelers, and not just because sightseeing, eating and drinking tend to be less expensive here than in other European capitals. Sleeping, too, comes affordably, as the city’s hotels, hostals, and hostels are cheaper than in many other popular Spanish destinations.

• Search for your dates in the box above to see available hotels.

• Click through to see a list of our recommended cheap hotels in Madrid.

Our guide to Madrid on a budget

Check out the articles in our city guide and in our Madrid blog for tips on additional ways to save on your trip, including free and cheap things to do, dining options and more.

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