Expect to Spend: Salzburg

Expect to Spend: Salzburg - Salzburg, Austria

We won’t lie. Salzburg is not a cheap city. But it also doesn't have to break the bank. If you exercise frugality in dining and take advantage of the city's pedestrian-friendly terrain instead of abusing the taxi system, you can be a Cheapo here as well as you would be anywhere else.

Hotel Rates

A high nightly hotel rate runs around €150, but most rooms are priced lower than this. Good hotels will cost between €75 and €105 per night for a double room in low season. During Festival season rates are much higher, but there are still deals to be found. The least expensive options are private pensions, which can be quite comfortable and will cost under €90 during high season.

Meal Prices

Dining in Salzburg can run anywhere from €3 for snack stand or supermarket meals to upwards of €25 at pricey, touristy restaurants. Expect to spend between €6 and €14 on an average lower-priced to midrange lunch. Café dining is the way to go. You’ll pay €6 to €7 for coffee and a pastry, and many cafés also serve small meals.

For tasty, inexpensive food, hit up a snack stand. You can get a jumbo pretzel or sausage for under €3. (Note: this is not Germany. The döners are surprisingly expensive and not that flavorful. Stick to the sausages and you won’t be disappointed.) Best option: Head out of the Right Bank and the Altstadt for Schallmoos, where you’ll find small, local-owned restaurants with cheaper prices and delicious, authentic food.

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