Salzburg Hotel Overview

Salzburg Hotel Overview - Salzburg, Austria

What does a decent midrange hotel cost per night in Salzburg? What about a good budget room? A swank splurge? Read our hotel scene overview here and get some answers.

It feels like there's a hotel around every corner in tourist-packed Salzburg. There are indeed many options for such a small city. But be warned that rates vary widely by season. A double that costs €72 in the low season can command €156 in the high season.

Why do rates fluctuate so much? Blame it on the festivals. Salzburg's main events, Salzburger Festspiele (Salzburg Festival) and Salzburger Osterfestspiele (Salzburg Easter Festival), draw in thousands of tourists every year. This means that if you're planning a visit during these times, you should book well in advance and expect to pay more.

In the low season, however, rates are relatively reasonable. In the €70 to €90 range you'll find attractive, comfortable, often quite charming doubles. For €110, you can expect cushy amenities like saunas, spas, minibars, and room service.

If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, head to Schallmoos. It's not far from the Right Bank or the Altstadt, and it's intriguing in its own right. A good range of smaller, quirkier hotels can be found in this largely residential neighborhood, with rates well below what you will have to pay for a room in the more touristy centers.

Though rooms are generally pricey, there are still deals to be had. A few hotels maintain the same low rates year round, rather than adjusting them based on the season.

In general, Salzburg's not outrageously expensive and it's not difficult to get by on €20 per day (excluding accommodations). Museum passes are a good bet for those who want to pack a lot into their trip, and public transit is generally reliable and cheap. But because the city's so compact, you'll likely be walking around instead of sitting in cabs or buses.

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