Salzburg City Guide Introduction

Salzburg City Guide Introduction - Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is best known as the birthplace of Mozart and the home of The Sound of Music, but music isn't the only thing that makes this city come alive. Perhaps the city's appeal has to do with its quaint, old-world charm. Or maybe it's the fact that it's nestled at the base of the craggy, majestic, snowcapped Alps.

Visiting Salzburg is like stepping into a world preserved in time and space. It's almost as though the city itself is a museum. Meandering through the tiny, old-world streets and wandering into the tiny old-fashioned shops with their wrought-iron signs is simply magical. And the baroque architecture is stunning, especially in the evening when the whole town is aglow.

It's worthwhile to venture up above the city too. The massive Festung Hohensalzburg is a still-intact fortress just a short hike or funicular ride up the hill. It's well worth the trip—for both its own gorgeous architecture and its phenomenal views of the sun-drenched valleys below. Stay up there long enough looking down at the striking green-domed Salzburg Cathedral and you really will hear the hills come alive (with the echoing clang of church bells of course, not that this will compromise the drama, we promise).

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