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Editor's Pick
Yoho International Youth Hostel Salzburg, Salzburg

Yoho, a 170-bed Schallmoos hostel, is more formally known as International Youth Hotel Salzburg.

8.6 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Adlerhof, Salzburg

Located a few blocks west of the Hauptbahnhof, the family-owned two-star Hotel-Pension Adlerhof is a likeable four-story option with both traditional and modern rooms.

7.6 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Pension Elisabeth, Salzburg

The Pension Elisabeth, a 24-room midrange-to-budget option in northern Schallmoos, is one of the more attractive cheapo options in town.

7.9 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Lasserhof, Salzburg

Hotel Lasserhof is perfect in the low season for just about everyone, including groups of younger travelers and families.

8.2 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Bergland Hotel, Salzburg

We love the bright, whimsical and mildly wacky Hotel Bergland, a family-owned three-star hotel in residential Schallmoos.

8.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Drei Kreuz, Salzburg

The three-star Hotel Drei Kreuz is a friendly 24-room hotel situated in eastern Schallmoos at the foot of Kapuzinerberg.

8.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Pension Sandwirt, Salzburg

The Pension Sandwirt is such a good deal and the owners are so friendly that we just had to include it.

Editor's Pick
Christkonig-Kolleg Fruhstuckspension, Salzburg

The ideally located Christkönig-Kolleg Frühstückspension, built in 1376, is nestled behind Kapitelplatz in Altstadt.


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