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San Francisco Car Rentals - San Francisco, United States

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We don’t recommend renting a car in San Francisco. Not only are car rentals pricey, they are unnecessary. Muni covers the entire city, and despite its hills, San Francisco is very walkable. And those same hills, in tandem with myriad one-way streets (including some that abruptly end) make driving a real hassle.

That being said, there are many places to be explored outside the city limits that are best reached by car. For destinations beyond the reaches of BART and ferries—like wine country and the Monterey peninsula—a car is a very good idea. Click here to view San Francisco rental fees from our trusted car rental partner, AutoEurope.

What’s the best way to rent a car in San Francisco?

If you end up renting a car for a famous California road trip, plan to pick it up outside of the city. You can take BART to either the Oakland or San Francisco airport, and will have a much easier time driving from there. A very good rate for a three-day rental is $155.

Most packages for car rental in the U.S. will include unlimited mileage. Be sure to ask about insurance, and check with your credit card company before booking to see what they cover. The minimum age to rent a car in California is 21, but drivers under 25 will likely pay an additional fee.

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