Expect to Spend: Seville

Expect to Spend: Seville - Seville, Spain

Seville is one of Spain's most expensive cities. But with some careful planning you can live it up with the Sevillanos without breaking the bank.

Hotel Rates

Hotel rates in Seville fluctuate based on season. During Semana Santa (the first two weeks of April) and Feria de Abril (the last week of April), prices will triple. The moral of this tale: Unless you have your heart set on experiencing a festival, avoid Seville in April. Not only will you pay exorbitant hotel rates, but you'll be hard-pressed to find any accommodations without booking months in advance.

The average rate for a decent double room is between €50 and €65. A few more euros (around the €80 to €130 range), will get you some extra luxury, and the least fussy travelers can find basic rooms for as low as €20.

Rates go down even lower during low seasons: If you're willing to contend with the stifling heat of July and August, you'll be able to score rates that are just as low as the temps are high. (Rates drop again from December through February if heat's not your thing.)

Meal Prices

A meal in Seville will run around €12 per plate. To keep costs down, stay away from the touristy Cathedral area and follow the locals to bodegas or tapas bars in areas like El Arenal on the outskirts of town, where the bocadillos (baguette sandwiches) are tasty and cheap and sweet old men wile away their afternoons debating politics.

If you're hankering for a larger meal, we have three words for you: menú del día. These hearty, money-saving meal include usually include an entrée, drink and dessert for between €10 and €15.

Lastly, remember three important Seville food facts. First, Jamón Serrano—it's the best around (get some). Second, you're in wine country, so delicious local wines are ubiquitous and cheap. Third, jump on the tapas train. The tradition of serving tapas free with a drink order has for the most part faded off into the streaky Seville sunset, but small plates are still a great way to dine on the cheap.

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Welcome to EuroCheapo’s guide to cheap hotels in Seville and throughout Europe.

Happily for budget travelers, Seville offers no shortage of small family-run budget hotels and pensions, many of which are located in the center of town. These hotels tend to be quite affordable—as long as you’re not visiting in the middle of feria! (Even then, we can make it work...)

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