Amsterdam Budget Hotels: What to Expect

Amsterdam may not be the cheapest city in Europe, but you can still find some great hotels that will fit your budget if you know where to look. So what can you expect to pay? What will you find in your budget room? Should you splurge for a three-star hotel?

Here's what you're likely to find when booking a cheap hotel in Amsterdam:

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Hotel Overview

Rates for budget hotels in Amsterdam can be as low €30 (for a double in a hostel) and as high as €250 for a fancier three-star facility. Rates climb during the high season, from mid-April to mid-October (with July and August the peak), so bundle up and come when it's cooler if you want to take advantage of the deals.

Many budget hotels in Amsterdam are small, family-run properties that offer only about 10-20 rooms. These properties tend to be one-star or two-star hotels, and offer services to match their class.

As Amsterdam is a popular destination for college-age (and even younger) tourists, the city offers plenty of hosteling options, as well. While some of these are "party central" (with "smoke friendly" policies) others are independently run and better suited for older guests (who, you know, might want to sleep).

What to expect

Most of the hotels we recommend are in old buildings that were once homes. Though there are certain modern exceptions, expect the rooms to be small and the stairs steep. A budget hotel with an elevator is the exception.

The amenities offered are pretty standard fare, and usually include a TV, telephone and (increasingly) free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is often included, but make sure when booking. Many hotels also charge a credit card surchage, so read the fine print before whipping out the plastic.

Most of the hotels we recommend are not equipped with air conditioning. This, however, shouldn't be a big concern, as temperatures are rarely too hot to handle at night. However, consider your hotel's location before planning to keep your windows open on a mid-summer's night—things could get noisy. Light sleepers should always mention this when booking a room, as the hotel probably offers quieter rooms off the street or canal.

Choosing a neighborhood

Known for its exuberant nightlife, Amsterdam lights up when the sun goes down. If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood for a good night's rest, try a more residential area like the Jordaan or the area around Museumplein and Vondelpark.

As a compact city with a multitude of bike trails, boats and trams, being close to the action in Amsterdam is not difficult. No matter which neighborhood you choose, you'll be able to reach most sights by foot. However, the city's ring-after-ring of canals can throw off even the best sense of direction. Don't leave your hotel without a map!

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