Amsterdam City Guide Introduction

Amsterdam City Guide Introduction - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Few cities in Europe pair style and dilapidation like Amsterdam. With a downright raunchy red light district on the one hand and some of the world's very best museums on the other, cosmopolitan Amsterdam takes its contradictions in stride.

The city's allure resides in the classically charming townhouses lining picture-perfect canals as much as it does in Amsterdam's grubby coffeeshops, bustling public markets and intense street culture.

But don't fret! All these contradictions won't get in the way of your tulip-addled, bicycle-riding fantasies of the Netherlands. Wherever you sit on the quaint/hyperactive divide, you'll find Amsterdam to be extraordinarily gorgeous and unique.

Ready to pedal off?

Welcome to EuroCheapo's guide to Amsterdam. We've got advice for you on every aspect of your Amsterdam trip.

Start by reading our reviews of the best cheap hotels in Amsterdam.

Next, check out the articles in our city guide, especially those on budget tips, Amsterdam transportation, and getting into Amsterdam from the airport.

Also, be sure to check out recent Amsterdam blog posts by our correspondents.

From our Amsterdam blog

Welcome to EuroCheapo’s guide to cheap hotels in Amsterdam! If you’re a budget traveler looking for ways to make this canal-rific city affordable, we’re here to help.

Find the right budget hotel

Since we launched our Cheapo guide to Amsterdam in 2001, our editors have been regularly inspecting inexpensive hotels in Amsterdam's central neighborhoods. All of our "Editor's Picks" are clean, central and cheap. And if they have a little something extra, we'll really swoon!

Search for your travel dates in the box above to see available hotels, or click to browse our recommended cheap hotels. Also, be sure to read our round-up of what to consider before booking your hotel.

Our guide to Amsterdam on a budget

Click through to our city guide to read articles covering ways to save when visiting, including information on getting around Amsterdam, budget tips, and what you can expect to spend.

Our blog is also regularly updated with information about free and cheap things to do, eat, and enjoy. Read posts in our Amsterdam blog.

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