Expect to Spend: Amsterdam

Expect to Spend: Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Worried how your pocketbook will fare when you head to tulip territory? Never fear. We'll tell you what you can expect, in everything from hotel rates to protection from pickpockets. (Just don't say we've never done anything for you.)

Hotel Rates

1- and 2-star hotels with few amenities cost an average of €100 for a double room, depending on location, renovation status and placement of toilet and shower facilities. 3-star hotels run around €150 for a double room.

Restaurant Prices

Meals range in price from a few euros for coffee and a snack to the extremely high prices common in most big European cities. Sit-down meals range in price between €6 and €15 per meal. Worth-the-splurge places are around €25 per person. You can expect to pay around €45 for a swank set-price menu.


Tipping in Amsterdam is neither expected nor mandatory. Service charges are included in all hotel, taxi, restaurant and shopping bills. Bartenders will usually find the offer of a tip surprising. Exceptions to this general rule include taxi drivers (who should receive a tip in the amount of 10% of the total fare), bathroom attendants (who should be given about €.50 per visit) and restaurant waiters (who can be tipped according to your discretion).

Read more about this in our post on tipping in Amsterdam.


Unfortunately, pickpockets are prevalent enough in Amsterdam to merit public service warnings posted all over town. Alas, never carry more cash than you need. If you're bringing more than one credit card with you on your trip, consider leaving one of them in your hotel room.

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