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The home of student radicals, Exarchia has nonetheless been deeply permeated by the languid café culture so popular in Athens. It’s just that here there’s radical left-wing graffiti everywhere, not to mention underground music shops and a few dazed, wandering souls.

The lively Platia Exarchia forms the nucleus of Exarchia, which sits to the northeast of Omonia Square. Other landmarks include the National Archaeological Museum and Athens Polytechnic. Exarchia is closest to the Omonia and Viktoria metro stations, and is also referred to as Moussio.

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Best Western Hotel Museum, Athens

Address 16, Bouboulinas street (Exarchia)

This 93-room hotel occupies two adjacent buildings. One houses single and double rooms, and the other houses the triple rooms and junior suites.

8.2 Guest Rating

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Dryades Hotel, Athens

2Dryades Hotel

2 star star

Address Em.Benaki 105 & Dryadon Street (Exarchia)

Dryades' appealing touches appear to be the result of a piecemeal aesthetic additions as opposed to any sort of stylistic renovation.

8.3 Guest Rating

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Hotel Exarchion, Athens

3Hotel Exarchion

2 star star

Address 55 Themistokleous Str. (Exarchia)

The hotel's 50 rooms are very plain, yet there's something restrained and even elegant about these rooms, in a simple, institutional 1970s aesthetic way.

8.2 Guest Rating

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Hotel Orion, Athens

4Hotel Orion

1 star star

Address Em.Benaki 105 & Anexartissias Street (Exarchia)

The Orion vibe is very relaxed. If you're a European university kid in Athens for a few nights, this is a great place to crash.

8.4 Guest Rating

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