Expect to Spend: Florence

Expect to Spend: Florence - Florence, Italy

What should you expect to spend for hotels and restaurants in Florence? Avoid sticker shock upon arrival by checking out our price overviews in advance. Trust us, you don't want to be surprised by the cost of a meal or a hotel room.

Hotel and Pension Rates

Rates for accommodation vary depending on quality and season. Expect to pay between €80 and €160 for a double room at a basic hotel. Pensions and one-star hotels run from about €40 to €110.

Restaurant Prices

Meals range in price from a few euros for a hot slice of pizza straight from the oven to extravagant meals. How extravagant? €125 per couple isn't unusual in Florence's priciest restaurants. Typically, Florentine meals consist of three courses: the antipasto (appetizer), the primo (first course) and the secondo (main meat or fish course). A separate side of vegetables is referred to as a "contorno."

Customers are expected to order at least two, often three, courses. Courses will range in price between €5 and €20. Some restaurants offer a lower priced "menu turistico" that includes three courses.

To save some cash, consider grabbing a sandwich "to go" from a bakery or lunch counter. Enjoy a focaccia for as little as €1.

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Welcome to EuroCheapo's guide to cheap hotels in Florence and throughout Europe.

Florence is an interesting city for budget travelers. While thousands flock daily to the city’s picture-perfect streets and Renaissance sights (making it at times a bit overwhelming), the city still offers a number of small budget hotels and B&Bs that exude local flavor at surprisingly affordable rates. That's where we come in...

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Click through to see a list of our recommended budget hotels. (Rest assured that all of our "Editor's Picks" are central, clean and cheap. Bonus points if they have a little pizzazz in their piazza.)

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For additional ways to save, check out the "budget tips" articles in our city guide, and stop by our Florence blog, where we regularly post about free and cheap events, cheap eats, and more.

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