Agriturismo Farm Stays

Agriturismo Farm Stays - Florence, Italy

In every country in Europe, there is a range of accommodation possibilities beyond hotels and hostels. Such accommodations are utilized disproportionately by locals, not international visitors. Your budget-crazed correspondents at are determined to expose you to as many of these options as we can. (See our overview of Dutch farmer's beds and bungalow parks, for another example of a local budget secret.) Let's turn our attention now to Italian agriturismo.

What is Agriturismo?

In Italy, one rural accommodation option is agriturismo, which is often translated into English as "farm holidays." Agriturismo as a term applies mostly to farmhouse and farm-attached accommodation, although in parts of Italy (mostly in the northern regions of Trentino and Alto Adige/Süd Tirol) agriturismo facilities are located in villages.

Why Agriturismo?

A vacation on a farm in Italy will bring you into contact with Italy beyond the well-trod urban circuit. It will allow you to witness rural Italy and its slower rhythms of life. You will have an opportunity to sample local products and observe agricultural practices. Very often, you will also stay in traditional buildings.

Agriturismo is low-impact, green tourism. Accommodations tend to be considerably more affordable than hotels and many have amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts.

Exploring Agriturismo

Agriturist publishes an annual guide to selected properties in French, English, and German. Call Agriturist in Rome at 06-6852337 or email for more information. Alternately, you can check out Agriturist's official Web site.

Commercial sites with good farm holiday listings include (especially good for listings in Tuscany),, and

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