Geneva Hotel Overview

Geneva Hotel Overview - Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in one of Europe’s most expensive countries. Hotel rates here unfortunately reflect that fact. But the scene is not completely bleak. While the rate range is higher than we Cheapos might like, there are acceptable rooms to be had in Geneva’s hotels for around CHF150 (approximately €135).

A standard double room will set you back between CHF140 and CHF200. The lowest rates we saw were between CHF75 and CHF100 for a basic room with a shared bathroom. Note that these rates can skyrocket when there are festivals or conventions in town.

When to Visit Geneva

Travel in spring (April/May) or fall (October/November) for the lowest rates. June and September tend to be affordable as well, and rates are highest around the winter holidays and during the summer crush in July and August.

It’s also worth noting that, since Geneva is a business-oriented city, it’s often easier to find lower rates on the weekends than it is during the week, especially in the northern district of La Perle.

Budget Hotels in Geneva: What to Expect

There is an upside to Geneva’s pricey hotel scene. While there may be some clunkers, on the whole hotels here live up to Swiss standards. Translation: You can usually expect your hotel to be crisp, clean and efficient. Facilities may not be the newest, but they will be spotless. We also found that higher rates do not necessarily designate higher quality—the midrange hotels we saw were just as comfortable (sometimes more so) as the priciest properties we visited.

Room size in Geneva’s budget hotels varies drastically. Many rooms we saw were cramped at best, but many others were downright spacious. Furnishings are likewise a mixed bag—we saw as many antiques as we did utilitarian beds and dressers. And while air conditioning is rare in this generally breezy city, most midrange rooms come with standard amenities like television and free Wi-Fi. Finally, that many budget hotels reside in historic buildings means like you might happen upon some odd room configurations (hello, shower in the middle of the room!).

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