Expect to Spend: Lisbon

Expect to Spend: Lisbon - Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the cheapest cities in Western Europe. Restaurants, shopping and hotel prices are all surprisingly reasonable for the center of the former Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) empire.

Hotel Rates

Hotel rates generally run from €50 to €130 a night, depending on amenities and location. By doing your homework, you can score a hotel or pension for as little as €30 a night. Check out our listings.

Restaurant Prices

While bopping around town, be sure to look for fixed-price restaurant fare. A restaurant charging €9 to €11 for a full dinner might charge €4 to €6 for a fixed-price, or "prato do dia", meal. Very happily, Lisbon is home to some of the cheapest eats in Western Europe.

Generally, the closer one gets to the industrial waterfront, the cheaper the restaurant are. The south end of Baixa and the area bordering Alfama are particularly expensive. Within Baixa, move off the main tourist thoroughfares to save euros.

When it comes to lunch, be on the lookout for the pastelarias, or bakery-cafés, omnipresent throughout Lisbon. Pastelarias serve up great lunch deals to a mainly local clientele. Sandwiches at these spots can be purchased for between €3 and €5.

Grocery stores are the cheapest places to buy food, including snacks and drinks to nosh on as you explore the city. Grocery stores in Lisbon also sell full meals, perfect for enjoying at one of Lisbon's many parques.

A serenaded dinner is a charming way to learn about fado, a gorgeous musical genre unique to Portugal. Las casas de fado serve meals while fadistas sing bittersweet, piercing tunes. Fixed meals at casas de fado start at around €25.

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