Getting Around Lisbon

Getting Around Lisbon - Lisbon, Portugal

Getting around Lisbon is easy and inexpensive. We'll overview all you'll need to know about the city's metro, bus lines, tram network, funiculars and public transportation ticket information. We'll also explain why taxis are a bad choice in Lisbon during rush hour.


Four color-coded metro lines cover Lisbon's central and business districts. Stations are wonderfully decorated with murals, poetry and sculptures. Each stop is marked with a red 'M'. A single ticket costs €.90 for zone one only and €1.15 for travel within two zones.

For more information, visit the Metro Web site.


Carris operates Lisbon’s buses, trams and funiculars. There are 78 bus lines that run from 5 a.m. until midnight, and after that, 12 night lines take over. You should be able to find a bus route map at the tourist office. A single bus ticket costs €1.50.


There are five tram lines running through Lisbon, each offering hard-to-beat glimpses of the city. We regard tram line 28 to be one of Lisbon's greatest rides. The central section of its route runs from Rua da Conceição in the Baixa, past the Se and up Rue Augusto Rosa before chugging through Lisbon's steepest and narrowest streets. Note that the tram ride gets markedly less interesting after the tram reaches Rue de Voz do Operario. A single tram ticket costs €2.50


Funiculars link the lower city with the residential areas in the hills. Lisbon features three funiculars and one "lift," which is essentially a large, ornate elevator. A funicular ride costs €3.

For more information on Lisbon’s bus, tram and funicular services, visit the Carris Web site

Combination Tickets and the Lisbon Card

For those planning on taking multiple trips across various types of transit, the one-day pass is a good pick. It’s valid for an unlimited number of rides on all Metro and Carris networks (bus, tram and funicular) within a 24-hour period. The designated time period starts when you validate your ticket.

The “Viva Viagem/7 Colinas”card is a new reusable card that allows regular transit riders to set up an account that is automatically charged every time they use transportation. The card itself costs €.50, after which you can “charge” your card with a certain amount. When you use transportation, you “zap” your card and will automatically be deducted €.90 for each ride. A minimal bonus is also added to the card each time you add fare.


Taxis in Portugal are billed by time, not distance. The starting cost during the day is €2.50; at night and charged incrementally by distance thereafter. At night, taxi fares increase by 20%. Other additional fees include a €1.60 luggage supplement (possibly more for especially heavy bags) and a €.80 charge for a taxi arranged by telephone.

During heavy traffic hours, it can be much more expensive to cab it than during light traffic times. Ask the folks at the airport tourist office about the voucher program, which simplifies transportation by taxi.

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