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Lisbon Car Rentals - Lisbon, Portugal

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Within the city of Lisbon itself, getting around by rental car is not the best idea. Public transportation is superb, taxis are plentiful and the driving culture is aggressive. Navigating curvy, little streets in an unfamiliar city is always risky. At least one guidebook refers to Lisboan drivers as "lunatics," keen to utilize that terrifying invisible middle lane. Not good.

However, renting a car to explore Portugal beyond Lisbon is a good idea. Beautiful countryside, picturesque villages and rolling vineyards far from the reach of public transportation are all ideally accessed by car. If you do choose to rent a car to visit rural Portugal, make sure that you are prepared to face the dangerous curves of mountainous roads.

What’s the best way to rent a car in Lisbon?

All this said and duly noted, how about some good car rental news? OK, then. Here goes. Portugal is not an especially pricey place to rent a car by Western European standards. Your best bet for a cheap rate is to reserve a car in your home country before arriving in Portugal. As always, we recommend obtaining an insurance policy that includes roadside assistance.

To find the cheapest price on rental cars in Lisbon and the rest of Portugal, we recommend Auto Europe. EuroCheapo has partnered with Auto Europe to offer the guaranteed best prices on rental cars in Portugal. A very good rate for a three-day rental in Lisbon is €115.

Here's the standard mantra: Some car rental packages include unlimited kilometers, others don't. Some have insurance against theft or collision. Others don't. Generally, be sure to ask details about insurance and accidents, as plans vary. Sometimes paying cash makes a difference in insurance coverage. Check with your credit card company to see if purchasing your rental with your credit card will provide you with insurance automatically. Drivers under 21 will have a difficult time obtaining a rental in Portugal.

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