Milan Hotel Overview

Milan Hotel Overview - Milan, Italy

The city of high fashion can also be a city of high hotel rates, but Milan also has its share of cheap hotels, many of those with style to spare. The average rate for a standard double room runs between €50 and €80 per night, with the most basic rooms going for as low as €40 pr night. Note, though, that rates can skyrocket during Fashion Week and conferences.

When to Visit Milan

Fashion and business reign supreme in Milan—and hotel rates (and availability) are at their mercy. Unless you book well in advance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a room in Milan during Fashion Week or major conventions. And you can almost forget about finding one priced under €180. So heed this warning Cheapos: If you can, avoid Milan during the months of March, April, September and October. May and November are also popular convention months, but there is usually more flexibility then. Check out for a full convention schedule.

When the Milan’s temps skyrocket, its hotel rates drop, so if you can handle the heat, visit in summer. Do note, though, that many businesses (including some hotels) close for the August summer holidays. December is also a good month to visit, both for the reasonable hotel rates and the Christmas markets and light shows that make the city magical.

A final word: As is the case with most business cities, many Milan hotels have lower rates on the weekends.

Where to Stay in Milan

Milan’s cheapest hotels are located around the Central Station. Many of these have the barest of bones, but there are also several gems in the mix, including the family-run Hotel Garda and the sunny, welcoming Hotel The Best. Several of our favorite properties are located in the quiet neighborhood of Citta’ Studi, just east of the city center. (We heart the friendly, sunny <a href=">Hotel Trentina!)

Budget Hotels in Milan: What to Expect

Many of Milan’s cheapest hotels are quite simple, but there we also saw plenty of sassy and sweet in the mix. We saw a fair share of friendly, family-run hotels, many with extra perks like original artwork or tranquil gardens.

With a few exceptions, most hotels we visited provide standard amenities amenities, including television, phone and air conditioning. Internet is almost always available, but it may or may not be free, and the same goes with breakfast. The very cheapest rooms might share bathrooms.

See all recommended hotels in Milan.

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