Cheap hotels near Panthéon in Paris, France

Perched on a hill in the Latin Quarter, the Panthéon is immediately recognizable for its white dome and neoclassical columns.

The building was constructed under Louis XV as a church dedicated to Saint Genevieve. Finished only in 1789, however, the post-Revolution leaders immediately re-purposed it as a mausoleum to house the remains of the country's great men.

Inside, tombs of celebrated citizens abound, including great writers, philosophers and scientists. (Interestingly, the group only includes one woman, Marie Curie.) In the center of it all, a replica of Foucault's Pendulum swings back and forth from the dome, proving (since 1851) that the earth is spinning beneath it.

The Panthéon is open daily, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit the monument’s website for more information and pricing.

Hotels near the Panthéon: The monument is located in the Latin Quarter, and there are many affordable hotels just north of it. This is prime Cheapo-territory.

Hotel Saint Jacques, Paris

Address 35, Rue Des Ecoles (the Latin Quarter (5th))

The Hotel Saint Jacques is a perfectly lovely three-star with a great location, "Belle Époque" style, and rates that can sometimes be a solid deal.

8.3 Guest Rating




Hotel Design Sorbonne, Paris

Address 6 rue Victor Cousin (the Latin Quarter (5th))

A three-star "design hotel" with boutique style, modern furniture and dramatic lighting... and sometimes affordable rates.

8.5 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Hôtel des 3 Collèges, Paris

Address 16, Rue Cujas (the Latin Quarter (5th))

The hotel embraces the neighborhood's Medieval collegiate history, with renovated (if boring) three-star rooms fit for a professor.

7.8 Guest Rating




Hotel Du Commerce, Paris

Address 14, rue de la Montagne Sainte Genevieve (the Latin Quarter (5th))

The Hotel du Commerce is a cross between a hotel and a hostel, offering simple rooms at rates that are a steal considering its prime Latin Quarter location.



No online booking

Editor's Pick
Cluny Sorbonne, Paris

Address 8, rue Victor Cousin (the Latin Quarter (5th))

Located across the street from the Université de la Sorbonne in the Latin Quarter, the Hotel Cluny Sorbonne possesses a quaint charm, prime location and renovated rooms.



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