Rome Hotel Overview

Rome Hotel Overview - Rome, Italy

Rome hotels are expensive, but having some knowledge of when to visit, where to stay and what to expect when you get there will help you make an informed decision on how much to spend and where.

Albergo del Sole Rome

The view from the terrace of the Albergo del Sole.

When to visit

Rates are highest in May, June, September and October. You can snag lower rates during July or August, though it's rough to see the city as it bakes under the summer sun. Prices also spike around Easter and other holy holidays.

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Types of hotels

As you read through our hotel reviews, you'll notice that they're classified as "one-star," "two-star," "three-star" and even "B&B" and "hostel." What do these categories mean?

Hotels are categorized by local tourism officials who visit, inspect and designate a category based upon many different factors, including whether or not the hotel has an elevator, 24-hour reception, TVs in the rooms, air conditioning, etc. The more amenities and services, the higher the star rating.

However, just because a hotel has more stars doesn't necessarily make it "better." Stars don't take into account such things as charm, history, location or friendliness of the management. These are the factors we consider when choosing which hotels to recommend.

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What to expect to pay

As a general rule, the closer you are to the hot spots, the higher the rates. Hotels a short distance away from the big tourist spots are often cleaner, cuter and cheaper.

In October, a stylish room in the B&B-style Daphne Inn Veneto near the Piazzas di Spagna & Barberini will cost at least €180, while in Trastevere it will run about €150 in the Casa San Giuseppe.

Near the Vatican and Prati, a family-run pension, such as the Marta Guest House, with few services will charge between €100 and €120. For the same amount, you can get hotel-style services with nicely sized, recently renovated rooms (like at the Hotel Ercoli) north of Stazione Termini.

If you're willing to share bathrooms, expect to pay around €80 a night during high season at a guesthouse or €60 at a hostel.

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Choosing a neighborhood

As we point out above, sleeping next to the Spanish Steps or the Piazza Navona will usually lead to a much higher hotel bill (although we should note that we have cheapo picks in both of these neighborhoods). If you're willing to walk 20 minutes or so, you could land a much cheaper room near the Vatican or around the train station.

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