When to visit Rome

Hotel prices vary wildly throughout the year in Rome – depending on whether it’s high, low or shoulder season. But, beware – Rome is a year-round tourist hub, and it’s always fairly bustling. Things can get particularly busy during religious holidays and it can be virtually impossible to find accommodation in the city before special religious events when people from around the world flock to Vatican City.

So when's the best time to visit Rome? Is there a time you should stay away? Read on...

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High Season

June through August is the traditional "high season" in Italy. In Rome, weather is warm to hot, the chance of rain ruining a holiday is low and the city glows under the summer sun. It’s also the time of the year that Romans flee the city for coastal areas.

Ironically, Rome also experiences a summer "low" season for hotel pricing in late July and all of August, making it much easier to snag budget accommodation in July and August than in the traditionally cheaper "shoulder" seasons–although it can be rough to see the city as it bakes under the summer sun.

Prices also spike around Easter.

Low season

The low season starts in November and continues until the end of February. Travelers to Rome during this period should expect fairly wintery weather. November is typically the rainiest month of the year and February can be chilly and windy.

However there are some clear benefits to visiting Rome when others dare not: Queues are short(er), museums are near empty, hot chestnuts and mulled wine are sold on street corners and hotel rates are at their lowest.

Prices may spike briefly around Christmas and New Year.

Shoulder season

The shoulder season is traditionally the "Goldilocks" period to visit Rome – not too hot, not too cold and not too expensive!

This season happens twice a year between the high and low seasons: April to June and September to October. Weather-wise, this is a perfect time to enjoy the Eternal City, as the days are warm and nights are cool.

But truth be told – the "shoulder season" doesn’t really exist anymore in Rome. So many tourists come in this period that it can actually be more difficult to find accommodation during this time than during the traditional high season. May and September can be particularly expensive, and it’s worth booking in advance for these months.

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