Getting Around Berlin

Getting Around Berlin - Berlin, Germany

Getting around Berlin is phenomenally easy and relatively inexpensive. We are pretty partial to bike riding, but for those of you that don't want helmet hair, the train and tram networks are very efficient, and even taxis are affordable.

U-Bahn, S-Bahn and Trams

Berlin runs an impressively efficient and wide-ranging public transportation system. Trams run in the former East Berlin, from Mitte all the way to the far outlying edges of the city. The U-Bahn (the underground train network) and the S-Bahn (the commuter train network) run across the entire city.

Berlin is split into transportation zones. Zone A encompasses areas within the S-Bahn circle line, Zone B extends to the city limits and Zone C covers nearby surrounding areas, including Potsdam and Schönefeld Airport. Most of the sights you'll want to see will be within zones A and B, but you can also purchase tickets that cover all three zones.


Berlin also features a bus network with a mind-blowing 150 (daytime) bus lines. We told you that the transportation system was efficient and wide-ranging, didn't we? Bus lines are very well coordinated with U-Bahn, S-Bahn and tram lines. The 100 and 200 bus lines are particularly useful, as they pass many popular sights, and feel almost like a sightseeing tour.

Tickets and Fares

Transit tickets in Berlin cover all modes of transportation and can be purchased at all stations and transfer points or on trams. You can buy an AB ticket, a BC ticket or an ABC ticket, depending on the zones you plan to travel. Just remember to validate your ticket before using it (tickets purchased on the bus do not have to be validated).

Single journeys cost between €1.40 and €3.10. Day tickets cost between €6.50 and €7. The Berlin WelcomeCard offers free public transit (see our Budget Tips article for more infomation), or you can purchase a Berlin CityTourCard, which is good for travel in zones A and B and also offers some discounts on tours and attractions. The CityTourCard costs €16.90 for a 48-hour period, €22.90 for a 72-hour period or €29.90 for five days.

Visit the VBB or BVG sites for more transit information.


Taxis in Berlin are, not surprisingly, affordable. With such a great public transportation network, however, you'll very likely never need to step in a taxi. If you must, though, take solace in the fact that you can get from the center of Berlin to Tegel for less than €20.


We love Berlin and we love biking. So naturally we love biking in Berlin. Happily for us, the bike rental options are plentiful. Fahrradstation is a great option for bike rentals, with six convenient locations. Fahrradstation's one-day rentals run from €15 to €30, and a one-week rental will range between €50 and €120. Fahrradstation also operates guided city and regional tours. A guided Berlin city exploration tour runs around €15.

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